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While working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant for over 25 years I would often receive requests from both Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists to make adaptive equipment to meet the unique needs of their patients. It was from one of those requests the idea of the multipurpose therapy mat was born. A patient had experienced a brain injury resulting in poor trunk control requiring two therapists to work with him on sitting balance activities. This particular activity was of utmost importance if the patient was to ever walk or even stand again. The therapist desired a device that would give the patient back support when he fatigued, but could easily be removed in order to strengthen the patient's trunk muscles.

Over the years in the development of the multipurpose therapy mat, I found my own back strained from working with heavy patients, or those who had poor trunk control. Although one could treat these individuals with an extra set of hands, it was not always possible to co-treat, so often I would put myself at risk to maximize the patient's rehabilitation. My main concern was to give them the best opportunity for recovery. It is by means of these types of situations that led to the development of the Barihab™ therapy mat. As the inventor of the Barihab™ therapy mat, I believe in the benefits of this product. It is a much needed tool in our profession.

Edward Estrada, COTA